New flood alert after snow

Parts of our region are on flood alert as rainfall sweeps across much of the South.

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'Pothole storm' on the horizon

Credit: ITV News Meridian

This was the picture three weeks ago, when a large section of the A4183 in Oxfordshire between Abingdon and Kennington subsided and caused a huge crack in the road. Engineers say it was caused by the recent wet weather.

And now we're being warned that as the snow melts, and warmer temperatures are on their way, more potholes will open up.

Darron Burness is head of special operations at the AA, said: "Unfortunately, this cold snap followed the second wettest year on record so, quite understandably, the roads are showing some ill-effects with a 'pothole storm' on the horizon.

Credit: ITV News Meridian

"As the snow melts, the temptation is to drive that bit faster but you need to keep a look out for potholes and other hazards like flooding.

Keep your speed down - particularly in rural areas where potholes are more likely - and take extra care in the rain as you don't know whether it's a puddle or pothole up ahead.

"We urge drivers to do a good deed and report potholes so councils can fix them and others don't hit them - there are local authority helplines and online reporting systems available for this.

"Over the weekend, ice will continue to be a risk in places, particularly on sheltered stretches and higher ground, and snow melt is likely to cause some localised flooding so take care and stay out of flood water."

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