Golding finishes Vendee Globe

Mike Golding finishes Vendée Globe in sixth position becoming only person in 24 year history of iconic race to successfully finish three times

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  1. Sarah Gomme

Golding determined to finish solo race

Mike Golding has been working for the past 24 hours to resolve an issue with his keel. Investigations over the side of the boat with a camera yesterday evening revealed that the front fairing of the keel olive has been lost.

With only ten days remaining for this, Golding's fourth Vendée Globe, solo, round the world race, a solution needs to be sought immediately to ensure Golding can reach the finish line in Les Sables d'Olonne, France.

"Mike discovered this late yesterday whilst trying to use the bilge pump which empties into the keel box. The pump didn't work and this then led Mike to the keel box which he found was full of water, over the level of the keel head and the rams.

“There is a lot of turbulence at the front of the keel and without the fairing, water is being driven up into the keel box, faster than the water can drain out by the Venturi system"

– Gamesa Boat Captain Graham Tourell

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