Sixty years on: floods of 1953

Sixty years ago today the South of England experienced one of the worst natural disasters in British history. More than three hundred people died when a storm battered the coast. Thousands in Kent were forced to flee their homes in the following days

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"Water, water everywhere, never seen anything like it."

60 Years ago today - the east of the country was devestated by the worst floods in living memory.

A massive storm, high winds and a tidal surge sent the sea flooding into Kent, Essex and right up the coast to Yorkshire.

300 people died - and over 24 thousand homes were destroyed. Holland was hit too with over 1800 losing their lives there.

Derek Johnson remembers the 1953 East Coast Flood and speaks to relief worker Tony Larkins, Eyewitness Bron Sadler, Manda Gifford from Canterbury Museums and Galleries and photographer Derek Darby.

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