From the Heart: saving lives

We are launching a new campaign to help save thousands of lives and we want your help. There are currently 10,000 people waiting for a transplant - but life is a lottery on the transplant list. We are also using the new QR Code to spread the word.

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From the heart, Sangeeta says 'Be a donor'

ITV's From the Heart campaign encourages people to save a life by donating an organ. There are always 10,000 people across the UK waiting for a transplant. Three of them die every day.

But the problem is most acute among the Black and Asian communities. They are more prone to kidney disease and it's much safer if they can receive organs from their own communities because of problems matching blood and tissue types.

Nearly 3,000 people in the UK in need of an organ transplant are from minority groups. Yet just 0.4% of people on the organ donors register are black, and only 1.3% are from the Asian community.

Sangeeta has been to Oxford to investigate and meets Dr Paul Harden, consultant transplant physician, Dr Jasdev Singh Rai, of the British Sikh Consultative Forum and kidney donor Juanita Sackey.

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