Serial arsonists could be at work

Lives could be at risk, warn police, who fear serial arsonists could be setting fires in homes they think are empty.

Serial arsonists fear

Serial arsonists could be targeting empty flats in Eastleigh after a number of fires broke out in buildings across the town. Police are now warning lives could be at risk.

Detective Constable Claire Reynolds said: "We are concerned people are entering and starting fires in what they believe to be vacant or derelict buildings, when, in fact, people still are living in some of the flats."

The latest fire broke out around 7.30pm Monday, February 11, when police were called to a burning block of 15 flats in Ovington Road, Eastleigh. All but one had been vacated because of redevelopment plans. Fortunately, the tenants of the occupied property were out at the time of the fire.

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