Woman says killer lilies caused cat deaths

A woman whose three cats died after coming into contact with the pollen from a bouquet of lilies is urging florists to put warnings on their flowers. Sonia Barnett from Hailsham said she did not realise that the blooms could be toxic to her pets. Iain McBride reports.

Beth Skillings, the Clinical Veterinary Officer for 'Cats Protection' the national welfare charity for cats told ITV Meridian:

"We urge owners to be aware of the risks from lilies as they are extremely toxic to cats. Cats can be affected by eating any parts of the plant, and it is thought cats can also be affected by simply brushing past the flower and then grooming the pollen from their fur.

"Cats Protection has been approaching leading supermarkets and florists to ensure that prominent warnings appear on all bouquets containing lilies. We are disappointed that not all supermarkets have yet adopted this practice."

You can find more information by visiting the Cats Protection website.