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Young Firefighters' tribute to Jade Clark

Jade as a 'Young Firefighter' Credit: Hants Fire and Rescue


Jade had two favourite places - first was home with her family and the second was Ringwood fire station with her fellow 'Young Firefighters'. Jade was a family girl who loved her family and would always talk about them.

Jade joined Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service's Young Firefighters Association three-and-a-half years ago and she was proud to be a 'Young Firefighter'. What can we say about Jade? When she came on her first night we immediately thought: "Hello, this one could be trouble!"

How wrong were we. She had a brilliant sense of humour and was bubbly and outgoing.

Jade faced many challenges; throughout the time she was with us and when the going got

tough, we tried to encourage her.

Whatever was going on the station, Jade would be involved - from car washes to presentation

evenings and raising money for charity. She was totally committed.

Jade will be sadly missed by colleagues and friends. We will always miss Jade and her brightly

coloured hair but she will be always with us in spirit.

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