WW2 bomb on lifeboat shift

The Hastings RNLI lifeboat was at sea for a total of 11 hours on its last shift, after the discovery of an unexploded torpedo and two fishing trawlers getting their gear entangled.

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Lifeboat called twice to assist fishing trawlers

Hastings lifeboat was called to assist two fishing trawlers which had got their fishing gear intertwined. The vessels eventually managed to disentangle themselves.

When a later routine call from Dover Coastguard to the Dutch boat ‘Zuiderkruiz’ did not get a response, another alert was raised. Once more the volunteer crew of Eastbourne lifeboat went to investigate.

On the scene it became obvious that despite slight damage from the collision all was well aboard the trawler and the reason for their lack of response to Dover Coastguard was that all crew members were on deck repairing their damaged fishing gear.

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