Plan for pothole-free roads

Many of Surrey's roads will be rebuilt from scratch to deal with the problems of potholes.

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Bumpy ride for potholes

Surrey County Council is to build pothole proof roads that are designed to last a decade before repairs are needed. A 10 year warranty means if there was a problem with a road, the cost of repairing it would fall to the contractor that built the road and not the council.

Since the start of the year, the local authority has been making road repairs at a rate of one every five minutes. In a bid to tackle the root cause of potholes, the council is embarking on a £100 million project to tear up 300 miles of Surrey’s worst roads and rebuild many of them from scratch.

Improvements in road building and new watertight surface treatments such as Superflex mean many of the new roads will come with a 10 year guarantee from the contractor.

A Herculean effort is going into fixing road damage caused by the bitterly cold winter with repairs being made at a rate of almost one every five minutes, but we can’t go on papering over the cracks with quick fixes to tired old roads forever. This is why we’re planning a £100 million project to rip out our worst roads and rebuild many of them from scratch, making these roads resistant to potholes for a decade. Over the next five years we’ll be replacing about 300 miles of Surrey’s roads, focusing on those in the worst condition

– Jason Russell, Assistant Director for Highways

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