Protests over animal exports

Dover Harbour Board has confirmed that the resumption of live animal exports has been given the go ahead.

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Farmers' union - live exports 'legal and legitimate'

The National Farmers Union (NFU) has released a statement welcoming the resumption of live animal transport through the port of Dover today.

Following berthing trials of the MV Jolene, The Dover Harbour Board yesterday gave operator Barco de Vapor permission to run the service.

The union said the issue of animal transport "must be put into perspective. There is demand from Europe for both UK breeding livestock and animals destined for the food chain".

This is a perfectly legal, legitimate and valuable trade for English farmers. The MV Jolene will be sailing from Dover to Calais for a significantly shorter journey time, when compared with other ports, and this is a bonus for animal welfare.

Ideally we as an industry would like the ability to use the regular freight services from Dover which would mean a journey time of just an hour and a half and more frequent sailing.

Regulations are in place at a UK and EU level to ensure that all animal transport, including that going overseas, is not detrimental to animal health.

It is not in the commercial interests of anyone in the livestock trade to transport animals in a way that results in sick, injured or stressed animals.

– NFU South East spokesman Frank Langrish

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