Increase in drink drivers

Sussex Police have stopped more people suspected of drink and drug driving on the roads this June as opposed to last year.

Sussex Police drink drive campaign

Sussex Police have arrested over 140 people in suspicion of drink and drug driving, which has gone up from last year.

The annual summer drink drive campaign which took place in June saw the police carry out 3748 breath tests as opposed to last year where 2177 people were stopped.

I am pleased to see we've stopped more people during the month but its always sad to see some people still breaking the law. Everyone knows that drink driving is against the law but some people still think it doesn't apply to them and continue to flout it. Alcohol contributed to 231 collisions last year but sadly some drivers still appear to ignore the facts."

– Phil Nicholas, Chief Inspector from the Road Policing Unit

In 2012, Sussex Police launched a text number (65999) which allows people to report anyone who they think might be drink or drug driving in Sussex.

Reports can be sent through with the vehicle's make, model, colour and number plate as well as the time and date they were on the road.

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