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The heatwave is affecting the whole region - so are you enjoying it or enduring it?

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Sunshine puts paramedics under pressure

South Central Ambulance Service Credit: PA

The continuing heatwave is putting the south's ambulance service under pressure, paramedics say.

The sunny spell has seen an increase in 999 calls to South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS).

Last weekend it responded to 4346 emergency calls - of which 1154 were potentially life-threatening.

The service said it also received a significant number of hoax calls and many more inappropriate calls that do not require an ambulance response. They have included:

• A man bitten by a wild rat

• A man who had a pain in his heel as he had an ulcer

• A person who rang 999 to complain about the people upstairs and the noise they were making

• A man who had cut his hand on a glass whilst washing up

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