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The heatwave is affecting the whole region - so are you enjoying it or enduring it?

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Owners warned over dogs left in hot vehicles

Kent Police is warning dog owners they could be prosecuted if they leave their pets in hot vehicles.

Pet owners have a legal duty of care for their animals and officers say they are urging them to "think twice" before leaving their pets in cars during the current heat wave.

On Tuesday alone, Kent Police say they received reports of five different dogs left in cars in sweltering temperatures.

One dog was found in a distressed state in a car in Ashford. The window had been left partially open but it was not enough to cool soaring temperatures inside.

The dog had to be rescued with the assistance of Kent Fire and Rescue Service and the RSPCA.

Motorists are also reminded that leaving car windows open could attract opportunist thieves.

Dogs can die in hot cars and should not be left for even a short time. Leaving a window open won't keep the car cool enough.

Dog owners are reminded that they have a legal duty of care for their animal and can be prosecuted for putting their pets at risk.

– PC Michael Laidlow

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