50 mile helicopter dash saves man

An airport worker's life was saved after he was transported from work to hospital when he suffered from a heart attack.

Life-saving flight after heart attack

Mr Constable with members of the Frimley Park cardiology team Credit: NHS

An airport worker suffered a near fatal heart attack at Gatwick Airport but was kept alive by the quick thinking actions of his boss and staff at Frimley Park Hospital.

During Geoffrey Constable's heart attack, his boss performed CPR on him for several minutes before an ambulance crew arrived.

The ambulance put him on a ventilator and he was flown by helicopter to Frimley Park Hospital where a heart attack team reopened his blocked coronary arteries.

The life-saving procedure took place 15 minutes after he landed on top of the hospital.

The air ambulance covered a 50 mile journey that would have taken more than an hour by road, but only took a few minutes by air.

Dr Achan, from Frimley Park, said:

"With the helipad directly above the emergency department we are able to receive patients from even further away by air and deliver life-saving treatments rapidly. Mr Constable's case was a good example of this."

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