Chef saves lobster's life

A lobster has received a new lease of life after being saved from the cooking pot.

Landlord saves lucky lobster

Lobster is given new lease of life after being given to the Aquarium Credit: Drew PR

A 30-year-old lobster has been saved from the cooking pot by a landlord after he had second thoughts about cooking the animal.

Mark, who runs the Dolphin Inn in Hastings, contacted aquarists at the nearby aquarium and donated Lionel the lobster to them instead.

Blue Reef Aquarium's Chris Ireland said: "Lionel was about to end up as the main course on a seafood menu when Mark took pity on him. Thanks to his last minute change of heart, Lionel can look forward to many more years of life, receiving a regular diet of fish and safe from danger."

Lobsters are among the planet's oldest inhabitants with fossil remains dating back more than 100 million years ago.

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