Dorset ice cream boat capsizes

The Lolly Roger boat overturned and capsized the ice cream boat in Dorset.

Ice cream boat 'Lolly Roger' capsizes

The Lolly Roger sold ice creams on a Dorset beach Credit: Maritime and Coastguard Agency Press

Three people had to be rescued when a boat selling ice cream capsized in Dorset.

The Lolly Roger overturned when a freezer containing ice cream rolled while on board and caused the vessel to upturn.

An ice-cream freezer that was onboard the boat Credit: Maritime and Coastguard Agency Press

A Mayday call was made to coastguards when a passing boat spotted the capsized vessel and the three-man crew off Hengistbury Head.

A spokeswoman for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency said the coastguard search and rescue helicopter from Portland was scrambled but stood down as it was not required.

The boat was completely overturned in the sea Credit: Maritime and Coastguard Agency Press

The three casualties - a woman and two men- were not seriously injured.

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