PICTURES: Car stuck in ditch for 13 hours

car in ditch
A man was trapped inside car from 2am until 4pm on Tuesday, August 13 Credit: Kent Fire and Rescue

A man was trapped in his car for 13 hours after he drove into a ditch in Romney Marsh.

The 44-year-old driver was discovered trapped in the vehicle, in an air pocket towards the rear of the car.

car in ditch
Firefighters and emergency services work to pull car out of ditch Credit: Kent Fire and Rescue

The driver was returning from work at around 2am on Tuesday morning, August 13 and was discovered by a lorry driver at 4pm the same day.

Station Manager Rob Sherwood said:

"This was a very unusual rescue and they all did a good job in difficult circumstances. I would like to praise the lorry driver for spotting the car and calling 999, if he hadn’t stopped for a look then the man would have been in there even longer and it might have been a different outcome."


Man trapped in ditch for hours

A man who was trapped in his car for hours has been rescued by the emergency services.