London to Brighton bike convoy

Drivers are advised to allow extra time for journeys if they are travelling on the M25, M23 and A23 on today as a convoy of motorcyclists will be travelling from London to Brighton.

Motorcyclists' convoy from London to Brighton today

The convoy is part of the 20th Ace Café Reunion event and tens of thousands of motorcyclists are expected to attend. They travel along the anti-clockwise M25 between junction 16 and 7, the southbound M23 and the southbound A23.

Ben Wates, from the emergency planning team at the Highways Agency which is responsible for motorways and major trunk roads, said:

We are asking road users to plan their journeys and allow extra time as we are expecting the M25, M23 and A23 to be busier than normal. Highways Agency Traffic Officers at the regional control centre at Godstone will be monitoring traffic conditions and working to keep traffic flowing.

– Ben Wates, Highways Agency

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