Oxford university's brain tour

The university has launched a new animation, voiced by comedian Ruby Wax, which explains the inner workings of our brains.

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Oxford uni gives insight into brain science

The animation is the latest video from Oxford Sparks from Oxford University Credit: Karen Cheung

Oxford University have launched a new animation to look at our brain and how we move and talk.

The video is the latest from the web portal which gives people access to some of the exciting science happening at the university.

The animation shows what is going on inside the body during a MRI scan Credit: Karen Cheung

Ruby Wax narrates the animation where a Magnetic Resonance Kmaging (MRI) scanner sees inside our brains and detects surges of oxygenated blood to how we move.

The scanner looks inside our brains Credit: Oxford University

Dr Stuart Clare of Oxford University, lead scientific advisor on the animation, said: ‘Functional MRI is revolutionising our understanding of the brain. As long as someone can do something lying down then we can scan their brain and discover the activity behind the action."

"As technology improves and magnet strength increases, we can determine finer detail about brain activity related to particular tasks or behaviours. This isn't just about finding out how our brains work, but also how they respond to damage or treatment.

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