Osprey aircraft lands on Illustrious

A MV-22 Osprey aircraft has landed on HMS Illustrious out in the Red Sea.

Aircrafts unique landing on the HMS Illustrious

The MV-22 Osprey coming into land on the HMS Illustrious Credit: Royal Navy
The aircraft lands and takes-off vertically Credit: Royal Navy
Sunset over the Red Sea Credit: Royal Navy

A MV-22 Osprey aircraft has landed on the HMS Illustrious for the first time in six years.

The Osprey is the world's first tilt-rotor aircraft and has a unique way of vertically taking off and landing.

The aircraft is mainly a heavy lift troop carrier and has been deployed in both combat and rescue operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

Six years ago, HMS Illustrious became the first non-US ship to fly an Osprey and was pleased to welcome one back on board.

The visit gave the aircrafts crew a good chance to demonstrate its flexibility.

HMS Illustrious is currently part of the Response Task Force Group on Cougar 13 operating in the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Persian Gulf and Horn of Africa.

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