Prehistoric elephants were hunted

Research by a University of Southampton archaeologist suggests that early humans slaughtered giant, prehistoric elephants.

Early humans were able to hunt and kill prehistoric elephants

An archaeologist from the University of Southampton, who discovered remains of a prehistoric elephant in Kent, has discovered that early humans hunted and slaughtered the creatures.

Dr Francis Wenban-Smith, along with Oxford Archaeology, excavated the site where the remains were found.

As well as the remains, flint tools were also found.

Dr Weban-Smith said, "Although there is no direct evidence of how this particular animal met its end, the discovery of flint tools close to the carcass confirm butchery for its meat, probably for at least four individuals."

The pre-historic elephant was twice the size of today's African variety and up to four times the weight of a family car.

Francis continued, "Although it seemed incredible that they would have killed such an animal, it must have been possible with wooden spears."

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