Beachy Head lighthouse painted

A team of workmen have completed painting the Beachy Head lighthouse in East Sussex, in just under three weeks.

Beachy Head lighthouse gets a lick of fresh paint

Beachy Head lighthouse, before its lick of paint Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA

After a campaign, which raised £27,000, to revive the fading stripes of Beachy Head lighthouse, the painting has been completed in just under three weeks.

A team of five workmen have applied several coats of paint to freshen up the appearance of the 141ft lighthouse.

Martin Griffin, the managing director of Hailsham-based Sussex Blast Cleaning, which has over seen the project said, "We have done it in just under three weeks. We lost four days due to some bad weather but we have worked quite quickly using sprays, rollers and brushes.

"Crown Paints, which has donated the paint used in the project, say it should last up to 10 years.

"It looks absolutely brilliant now, particularly with the sun shining on it."

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