Legal challenge to fracking

Greenpeace has launched a legal challenge to stop any further fracking in England. Protesters who campaigned in Balcombe in Sussex were among those at a press conference today.

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Drilling under homes 'illegal' says Greenpeace

Anti-fracking protesters clashed with police in Balcombe Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Greenpeace is arguing that plans to drill horizontally under people's homes is unlwaful if they don't have permission from the owners.

Greenpeace Senior Campaigner Anna Jones said: “Under English law, if you own land, your rights extend to all the ground beneath it. That means if someone drills under your home without permission it is trespass.”

“To avoid being liable for trespass, drillers would need landowners’ permission. And this case is about people explicitly declaring they do not give that permission. This will make it extremely difficult for companies to move ahead with any horizontal drilling plans.”

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