Fire strike 'quiet night'

Fire services across the Meridian region said they had relatively uneventful nights as fire fighters took part in a national strike last night. The industrial action follows a row over their pensions.

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Fire chief calls for people to postpone their firework celebrations tonight

Firefighters are on strike tonight, from 6:30pm to 11pm. It's the second time they've staged a walkout.

But whereas their last protest was on a warm September afternoon, tonight they're taking action when bonfires are being lit around the country, and the risk of accident is that much higher.

One fire chief says she's been advising organisers of firework displays to postpone them - until the unions return to work.

Andrea Thomas has been speaking to Geoff Licence, who's running a fireworks display in Bearsted, near Maidstone and Ann Millington, the Chief Executive of Kent Fire and Rescue Service.

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