Free lunch for Brighton kids

Primary school children across Brighton and Hove are being offered free lunches over the next few days.

Free lunch for Sussex school children

Primary school children in Brighton and Hove are being offered a complimentary lunch over the next few days.

Brighton and Hove Council is marking National School Meals Week with a programme of free lunches spread over the seven days.

The idea is to ensure all pupils get the chance to sample a free meal while minimising disruption to lunchtimes.

The campaign is being run by the council and their school meals contractor Eden Foodservices.

Some pupils may never have had a school lunch, so we’re excited about being able to offer them the chance to try one. We want as many people as possible to know about the quality of the food we offer. We use Red Tractor meats, MSC fish, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, and local free range eggs. We hope that this mass sampling will mean more children may be tempted to have a school lunch in future. Not all children get a nutritious, healthy meal every day so increasing uptake of our school meals could have wider health benefits."

– Cllr Sue Shanks

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