Baby anteater is zoo's first

A zoo in Hampshire is celebrating the arrival of its first ever baby anteater.

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New arrival for anteater parents

The 10-day-old baby anteater clings to its mum Credit: Marwell Zoo

A Hampshire zoo is welcoming a new arrival - its first a healthy anteater pup, born to first time mum Chiquita.

The youngster, which weighs just three pounds - the same as a bag of sugar and a tin of beans- was 10 days old on Monday and is going from strength to strength.

Giant anteaters come from South America and are listed as ‘vulnerable’ in the wild. Females normally give birth to one baby at a time, after a pregnancy lasting 190 days.

All anteater pups cling onto their mother's back or legs while they are young and can continue to do so for up to a year. The pup suckles milk and will begin to start eating solids from three months old.

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