Teenager's death was accidental after taking legal high

A coroner has recorded a verdict of accidental death after a teenager died when he took a legal high. Adam Hunt, who was 18, died at Southampton General Hospital in August. He had taken the drug AMT, which he told a friend he had bought online. After the verdict, his family said,

We are pleased with the verdict of Southampton Coroner’s Court today where the Coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death, through experimentation with AMT.

It was clear Adam had everything to look forward to in life, including an imminent holiday to the US with a friend, paid for by his Father, and his love of Southampton football club. Adam was happy and considerate and even on the day of being hospitalised, had gone to his Mother’s workplace in order to give her lunch.

There was no indication in the past that Adam had a drug habit.

As Adam’s parents, we plead with those who sell ‘legal highs’ on the internet and in local shops; please don’t sell ‘legal highs’.You have no idea what is actually in the products you sell. You have no idea what the actual dosage is within the product you sell. You have no idea what impact the consumption of your products may have on different types of people.Your products could kill somebody."

– Adams mother, Bernadette, and father and step-mother, Darren and Jayne

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