HMS Daring in the Philippines

The UK's biggest employer of people from the Philippines has donated more than one million dollars to the appeal fund for the typhoon disaster. Meanwhile, Portsmouth based warship HMS Daring has arrived at the country's aid.

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HMS Daring's aid mission to Philippines

Families ask for help in the Philippines Credit: Fleet Photographic Unit

Portsmouth warship HMS Daring has today loaded her stores at Cebu port with lifesaving humanitarian aid and is on her way to Philippine islands that have been without help since Typhoon Haiyan struck. The flight crew flew their Lynx helicopter on six recces of remote areas for signs of destruction.

From the images that came back, the command team have now identified several areas that are desperately in need of aid. Aerial imagery taken from the Lynx show flattened housing, scattered possessions, large vessels blown onto shorelines and the word ‘help’ spelt out in palm leaves on the beach.

The devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan Credit: Fleet Photographic Unit
HMS Daring's Lynx helicopter Credit: Fleet Photographic Unit

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