Chatham burglar jailed

A man has been jailed for 16 months after a neighbour spotted him trying to flee a break-in in Chatham. Satnam Bal, formerly of Rochester Street, Chatham, had used a rock to smash a conservatory window of a property on 29 June.

He fled empty handed after the victim, who had been in a greenhouse in her back garden, approached the house to investigate the sound of breaking glass.

Whilst we do not encourage residents to approach anyone who could be engaged in criminal activity, we would like to thank members of the public for their vigilance, which in this instance has led to a conviction and taken another burglar of our streets. Don’t assume if you are in a garden, or working outside that your home is safe. It takes seconds for an intruder to break into a house, but by taking just a few steps, such as making sure gates and windows are secure, residents can reduce the risk of crime, as well as the chances of being a victim of crime."

– Detective Inspector Mike Worrall