Scheme to avoid A&E crisis

A crisis is being predicted in A&E departments across the region this winter - but could one pilot scheme in West Kent help stop patients clogging up casualty?

Treating patients at home

It's a subject that's rarely out of the headlines at the moment - the state of our Accident and Emergency departments in hospitals across the country. There have been warnings of a looming winter crisis, with A & E units gearing up for what could be their 'worst winter yet'.

So, how are we going to stop patients clogging up casualty? One simple solution, it's been suggested, is to treat more people in their own homes. Andrea Thomas has been given exclusive access to a pilot project in West Kent that could be rolled out across the country.

She spoke to Henrietta Donovan, a Rapid Response patient, Modern Matron Debbie Marsh from Kent Community Health NHS Trust and Physiotherapist Pip Bowen.

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