Reaction to airport expansion report

The Airport Commission's Interim Report has been released and announces proposals for new runways at both Gatwick and Heathrow Airport- with a considered option for Thames Estuary.

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Kent councillor responds to Thames airport proposal

The Deputy Leader of Labour Group on Kent County Council has expressed his thoughts on the Airports Commission report, which includes a new option for Thames Estuary airport.

Roger Truelove said:

"As expected the idea of a Thames Airport is not on the agenda. It is time for this nonsense to be put to rest. The so called Boris Airport has never ben viable and has only been kept going by the Mayor of London's capacity for publicity."

The airport industry has never been ready to fund such a project, the infrastructure costs are prohibitive and there is a plethora of environmental arguments against. Boris Johnson has shown his capacity for publicity but not for sound judgement. His showboating has however caused great uncertainty in North Kent and in Sheppey, and, I fear, held back consideration of serious economic investment. Unfortunately, the Government has been too ambivalent about the idea. It is now time to make it absolutely clear that this isn't going to happen.

– Roger Truelove, Deputy Leader of Labour Group on Kent County Council

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