South recovers from the storm damage

As many homes and businesses across the South have been affected by the storm, power companies and local councils are working to restore homes.

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UK Power Networks' advice for power cuts

The UK Power Network have updated a map with the latest reported power cuts across our region.

They have also detailed advice for those without power and how to claim compensation on their website.

Live map detailing latest power cuts under UK Power Networks Credit: UK Power Networks

If your power goes off the advice is to:

-Avoid opening the freezer door to protect your food

-Turn off and unplug non-essential electrical equipment

-Keep warm by staying in one room and wear several layers of clothing

-Limit the use of your laptop or phone to retain battery

-Keep an eye on any elderly residents or ill neighbours

-If there has been a storm, stay away from fallen lines, flooded areas and debris

-After the power cut be sure to check your circuit breaker

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