Animals checked and counted at Drusillas in East Sussex

Animals at Drusillas Park in East Sussex will be checked and counted today as part of the zoos stock take.

Zoo keepers get ready to count ALL their animals!

It is one of the biggest jobs of the zoo calendar.

Staff at Drusillas in East Sussex are starting their annual New Year stock take.

Each and every one of the 1000 animals at the park will be checked and counted.

Flamingos at Drusillas Credit: Drusillas
As well as counting the monkeys, zoo keepers will have to count insects too! Credit: Drusillas

The process can take several days and counting the smaller animals takes a great deal of patience and time.

Senior Keeper Claudia Perryman said, "It's important to make sure our figures add up for all the animals in the zoo, so as well as counting monkeys we even have to count the stick insects and cockroaches!"

The zoo has seen many new arrivals which have to be counted, including this baby lemur Credit: Drusillas

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