Speed cameras won't work for "months to come"

Speed cameras which have not worked on the M25 in Surrey, Berksire and Buckinghamshire for two years will spend much of this year out of action, ITV News Meridian can reveal. We disclosed last year the cameras were not working.

The area where they do not work is between the A3 and M40. They are part of a scheme called 'Variable Speed Limits' where speeds are reduced to keep traffic flowing. The cameras are meant to catch offenders. The problem stems from new digital technology which is not properly working.

There have also been issues about the size of the warning signs not being the right dimentions and breaching regulations. Now the Highways Agency says the cameras will not work for many more months and that Surrey Police are to take them over and are working to solve the problems.

Sections of the M25 where mandatory speed limits are displayed in red rings have continued to work effectively to reduce congestion and smooth traffic flow and have operated well without fixed camera enforcement.

We are working with Surrey Police, who are taking over responsibility between junctions 10 and 16, to resume enforcement. The speed limits are enforceable by the police and the cameras will be operational by Summer 2014.

– Highways Agency