Clegg vows to tackle youth offending on visit to Kent

The Deputy Prime Minister has unveiled radical proposals to stop youth reoffending on a visit to Cookham Wood Young Offenders Institute in Rochester.

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Clegg in Kent: 'Can't leave young offenders on scrapheap'

On his visit to Cookham Wood Young Offenders Institute in Rochester, Nick Clegg said: "Criminals can’t go unpunished, but young people who’ve made mistakes and committed crime can’t simply be left on the scrapheap.

"If we expect them to turn their lives around, we have to put their time inside to good use.

“The Coalition has reduced the number of young people in custody. But reoffending is sky high in this country and the answer lies in education and opportunity to change.

"We need to make sure that time spent in custody is time well spent – an opportunity to turn lives around. “We can do this by helping young offenders develop the skills and training they need to break the destructive cycle of crime."

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