Female pilot recreates historic flight

Intrepid pilot Tracey Curtis-Taylor has flown 8000 miles from Capetown to Goodwood in a 1940s biplane.

8000 mile endurance flight in 1940s biplane

Tracey Curtis-Taylor safely back down to earth Credit: PA

An intrepid pilot almost became hypothermic during an 8,000-mile solo flight in a 1940s biplane. Tracey Curtis-Taylor had to endure freezing weather during her eight-week adventure from Cape Town to Goodwood.

Tracey with the Spirit of Artemis Credit: PA

The 51-year-old finally realised her dream of recreating the pioneering 1928 flight of Lady Mary Heath who became the first person to fly alone across Africa. She set off from Cape Town in the Spirit of Artemis, a classic 1940s open cockpit Boeing Stearman biplane, and ended her journey in Goodwood.

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