Repairs to landslide at Ockley get underway

Repairs are underway on an embankment in Ockley after 40 metres of it collapsed due to the heavy rain over Christmas.

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Landslide at Ockley could take a month to fix

Repairs are underway in Ockley to fix a landslide that caused 40 meters of an embankment to collapse.

The heavy rain over Christmas caused the land between Horsham and Dorking to fall away on Boxing Day.

The landslide in Ockley Credit: ITV Meridian

The repairs are likely to continue until next month as an access road needs to be built for heavy machinery to get through.

Repairs to the landslide are already underway Credit: ITV Meridian
Around 40 metres of land collapsed between Horsham and Dorking Credit: ITV Meridian

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