18 horses moved to safety after flooding in Dorset

Specialist rescue teams have moved 18 horses out of reach of the rising floodwaters in Dorset

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Horses had to swim to safety

One of the horses is guided to safety by members of the rescue team Credit: RSPCA

A specialist water rescue team from the RSPCA has rescued 18 horses from a flooded area in Christchurch, Dorset.

They started work at 7.30am on 6th February 2014. The operation involved 17 water rescue officers as well as two chief inspectors and an equine officer.

They set up a corral at the location in the Stony Lane area, followed by rope fences across the water to form a channel for the horses to go through and enter the corral. Most of the water was two feet deep but there were deeper places where the horses had to swim for five to six metres.

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