3,000 first class seats scrapped to ease rail overcrowding

Rail firm to scrap more than 3,000 first class seats to ease overcrowding on trains.

First class seats to be ripped out to ease overcrowding

First class seats to be ripped out to provide more extra seats

Thousands of first class seats are to be ripped out of trains in the Thames Valley and converted for use by standard class passengers in a radical move to ease overcrowding.

Passengers have long complained that first class carriages are empty while commuters are packed into standard class.

First Great Western to provide an extra 3,000 seats a day

Now an agreement has been reached with First Great Western and the Government that will mean an extra 3,000 seats a day. The work will be complete by next summer and cost £13 million.

It is one of a number of measures - including extra carriages - to provide more capacity at the busiest times.

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