Parking charges at Portsmouth hospital to increase

Parking charges at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth are going to increase from next month.

Car parking prices at Queen Alexandra Hospital to go up

Parking charges at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth will increase from next month.

Parking tariffs at the multi-story car park, the north car park and for spaces nearest to the east entrance will increase from Tuesday 1st April this year.

Up to an hour and a half will now cost £1.70, up to two and half hours will cost £3, six hours will cost £7.50 and over 12 hours will cost £16.60.

Patients and visitors who need to attend the hospital over long periods of time can still benefit from a reduced parking rate, at the discretion of the ward or clinic sister.

Peter Mellor, director of corporate affairs and business development at the hospital said:

"Carillion (who manage the car parks) has responded positively to requests from members of the public and local politicians to be as considerate as possible when considering the new parking prices for 2014/15.

The Trust has worked alongside Carillion to ensure the rise in car parking charges at the hospital are fair and remain as low as possible. We are confident that Carillion, in line with its contract, has done the best it can for our patients."

– Peter Mellor, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

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