Sussex man jailed for stalking his ex

Kevin Rainbow was previously charged with stalking offences at Lewes Crown Court

A man from West Sussex has been sentenced to 18 months in jail for stalking his ex-partner, after he was found hiding under her bed by police.

28-year-old Kevin Rainbow, who now lives in Deptford in London, appeared at Lewes Crown Court after pleading guilty to previous charges of assault and harassment.

He was issued with a Restraining Order, which stopped him from contacting his ex-partner or her family.

But he continued to contact his partner at her place of work and she went to stay in Sussex with her parents to feel safe for a while.

Rainbow caught his ex-partner as she walked back to the house but her father managed to get her indoors.

Detective Constable Stuart Macpherson of the West Sussex Adult Protection Team said,

"This was a frightening series of events, in which Rainbow clearly showed very manipulative and abusive behaviour towards a woman who initially trusted him but eventually became terrified of him. What he would have done if we had not found him under that bed can only be guessed at."