Winner of Seasonal Snaps competition captures 'tranquil' New Forest

Nearly 100 people submit their pictures of the New Forest to the Seasonal Snaps photo contest, but only one could win!

"Lights between the Trees" captures tranquil New Forest

Danielle won the Seasonal Snaps photo competition with this picture of the New Forest called 'Lights between the trees' Credit: Danielle Painting

Nearly 100 people submitted their pictures of the New Forest to hopefully win the Seasonal Snaps photo competition.

But only one could win and the prize went to Danielle Painting from Bournemouth.

Her picture, named "Lights between the trees" captures the forest in the autumn.

Danielle said, "I am delighted to have won. I can not wait for the next Seasonal Snaps this summer to inspire even more great pictures of the National Park."

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