Gang jailed after torturing man in Hastings

Five men have been charged after torturing a Hastings man after tying him up.

Gang jailed after gagging and torturing student

Sam Simon, 21, and Alex Simon, 21, from Hastings were jailed after traumatising the victim Credit: Sussex Police

A gang of men have been jailed for tying up a student and torturing him in Hastings to make him hand over money.

Sam Simon lured the 21-year-old victim, who was his friend, to a house in Hastings before they tied him up and gagged, kicked and beat him with a hammer.

Yalcin, 20, from St Leonards and Oganesyan, 23, from Hastings were convicted of false imprisonment Credit: Sussex Police

They then stuffed him into a body bag and threw him into a car where they discussed burying him before they assaulted him.

The victim suffered broken teeth, cuts and severe bruises and had to be treated at Conquest Hospital.

Jowad Ghemati, 27, was convicted of witness intimidation and jailed for 12 months Credit: Sussex Police

Jowad Ghemati then approached the victim and offered him thousands of pounds to drop the case.

Detective Sergeant Michael Burnage said: "Sam Simon lured his friend to his home with the sole intention of torturing and robbing him.

"The victim was both assaulted and left terrified that he was going to be murdered - a level of cruelty that seems inexplicable at the hands of someone he believed was his friend. A later attempt by one of the group to intimidate the victim into dropping the case thankfully was unsuccessful."

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