US Coastguard resume search for missing sailors

Relatives, friends and MPs are calling on the US Coastguard to resume the search for the four sailors missing from a yacht from a Hampshire-based yacht mid-atlantic.

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Nearly 3000 miles has been searched for British sailors

Air crews searching for four missing British sailors in the Atlantic Ocean have so far covered 2878 square miles since the search resumed.

The mileage for the ships that are searching too is still being worked out.

As it stands, the following are out searching for the sailors:

  • A US Coastguard HC-130 Hercules aircraft from North Carolina
  • A 106th Rescue Wing US Air National Guard Crew from New York
  • A Canadian military C-130 aircraft
  • The 600-foot vessel Bow Flora
  • The 672-foot vessel Premium Do Brasil
  • The 477-foot vessel Chem Venus
  • The 700-foot vessel Ampola

En route to help with the search include:

  • The US Coast Guard Cutter Vigorous, home-ported in New Jersey
  • A US Air Force C-130 aircraft from Georgia
  • The 751-foot vessel AM Hamburg
  • The 551-foot vessel Independent Accord

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