Search for yacht crew 'may be suspended'

The US Coast Guard says it does not think that debris spotted in the Atlantic Ocean is from a British yacht that has been missing for a the search may be suspended.

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Families of missing sailors 'still holding out hope'

The Foreign Office has released this statement on behalf of the families of the missing sailors:

The families of James Male, Andrew Bridge, Paul Goslin and Steve Warren still hold out much hope that their loved ones will be found soon. They have received so much support from the public and the yachting community, hearing endless stories of people that have survived many weeks and months in different circumstances at sea and have drawn much strength from this. They were obviously saddened to hear that the US Coast Guard will be suspending the search. But, they were prepared for the fact that this would have to happen.

They are meeting with the Foreign Office later on today, to talk about UK involvement and any other avenues that can be explored. Having spent the week getting to know each other better, along with hearing the endless accounts of survivors, the families are reassured that their men would work as an efficient and cohesive team. This gives them additional hope that they will still be found, as the US Coast Guard have found no evidence to the contrary.

– Families of the missing sailors on behalf of the Foreign Office

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