Greenpeace stage protest at David Cameron's home

Greenpeace is turning David Cameron’s constituency home into a fracking site to demonstrate over controversial legislation clearing the way for under-house drilling expected to be announced in the Queen’s Speech later today.

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Greenpeace demo at David Cameron's house

Greenpeace UK energy campaigner Simon Clydesdale said: “David Cameron wants to rob people of their right to stop fracking firms drilling under their homes – surely he won’t mind if we kick off the under-house fracking revolution below his own garden.

“The Prime Minister is about to auction off over half of Britain to the frackers, including national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty like the Cotswolds.

“Fracking won’t deliver energy on a meaningful scale for years, if ever, by which time we’ll need to have moved away from dirty fossil fuels and towards high-tech clean power if we’re to head off dangerous climate change."

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