D-Day remembered: 70 years since the battle on the beaches

On the 6th June 1944, an Allied force of British, American and Canadian troops carried out the largest seaborne invasion in history, landing on the beaches of Normandy in France to begin the liberation of Axis-occupied Europe.

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Sending secret messages for Eisenhower

Violet Phillips from Horsham worked for the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces in an underground complex at Bushy Park, London. A teleprinter working directly under General Eisenhower, the Allied Supreme Commander, her work was so secret she couldn't even tell her parents.

The war started when she was 16. She didn't want to work in a munitions factory so at 17, she volunteered for the Auxiliary Territorial Service. She remembers Eisenhower as a shy man, but sweet.

She was one of 73 girls from the ATS chosen to work on the D-Day Landings and has been sharing her recollections with Meridian.

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