Britain's worst holiday photographers named

A woman from Kent is one of several people from the South who have been named Britain's worse holiday photographers.

Britain's worst holiday photographs revealed

This photograph won a competition to find Britain's worst holiday snap Credit: Sally Boorman

A woman from Kent has won a competition to find some of Britain's worst holiday snaps.

Sally Boorman from Pembury in Kent won the competition organised by CheapHolidayLand which aimed to find photographs which went badly wrong.

Sally's winning entry was taken by her mother-in-law in Disneyland and as you can see things didn't go to plan.

Other entries from people across the South didn't fare much better either.

Something obscures the view in this entry from Berkshire Credit: Ryan Waters
This picture by Vickie Lambert from Kent got the "seal" of approval from judges Credit: Vickie Lambert
Heads will roll over this rubbish picture Credit: M Smith

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