Heathrow Express workers go on 24 hour strike

Workers on the Heathrow Express rail service will strike today in a row over spending cuts. Members of the rail, maritime and transport union will strike for twenty-four hours from midday today. They warn that six million pounds of cuts will hit jobs, pay and conditions.

The company said it will run a service between Heathrow Airport and London despite the strike and warned that industrial action made job losses more likely.

Our high-speed link to Heathrow will once more run at its usual frequency - every 15 minutes - despite only a third of our workforce being available. We are carrying on almost as normal. We recommend our customers do likewise. Since February we have been crystal clear: our proposals enable us to save £60m over the next five years without any job losses - provided costs are not driven up by repeated strikes. Despite this clear advice, the RMT has refused to engage with us in any meaningful way even though we would willingly consider making changes to our plans if they did."

– Managing director Keith Greenfield

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