Inquiry into deaths at Gosport War Memorial Hospital

A Hillsborough-style inquiry is to be set up investigate up to 100 suspicious deaths at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital.

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Campaigner welcomes hospital inquiry

Gillian Mackenzie Credit: ITV Meridian

The family of a victim who died at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital has welcomed the announcement that there will be an inquiry into their deaths.

Gillian Mackenzie whose mother died at the Gosport hospital describes it as the culmination of sixteen years hard work and campaigning.

She has met with Norman Lamb on numerous occasions in pursuit of her campaign for justice.

She has also been to see the Rt Rev James Jones who will chair the inquiry.

Ms Mackenzie told ITV News Meridian that she wants the inquiry to be "full uncompromising and exhaustive" and wants to see criminal prosecutions follow.

"I have waited sixteen years for this" she says "and I have not got another sixteen yearsleft"

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